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January to June 2022 Timetables

Quality Control Issues
  • Start of lecture: 0 - 5 minutes
  • Assignments: 1 per 2 weeks
  • Feedback to assignments: up to 1 week
  • Feedback to Monthly Tests & Mock 1: up to 2 weeks
  • Feedback to Mock 2: minimum 5 days before final exams
  • Intensive revision: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Additional class(es) for missed class(es) by Lecturer
  • Prior notice in case of Lecturer absence
  • Let us know about any concerns (refer to student handbook regarding procedure)
  • Provide teaching plan to students at commencement
Scheduled Mocks and Monthly Tests
  • Monthly Test
Date 1
  • Mock Exam
Date 2

Please Note that the above Assessment Dates may NOT apply to all the PROGRAMMES.

Key : S:Start Date and E: End Date

Draft Timetables - Please Advice Students Accordingly...

BAC121-FTa:BAC121-FTa Cost Accounting  (2/4)
(R) R123/124:Lecture Theatre Room 123/124 1st Floor New Building Thu [14:00-15:00]...[15:00-16:00]   (2)
(L) mka2061:Katebe M (Mr)
(L) GK:Grace Kamwengo (Mrs)
(C) BSA11-FT/PT:BSA11-Bachelor of Science in Accountancy S:14/02/2022
(C) BACC11-FT/PT:BACC11-FT/PT Bachelor of Accounting (New & Returning) S:14/02/2022
(C) BBA11-FT/PT:BBA11-FT BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration S: 14/02/2022
(C) BBE11-FT/PT:BBE11-FT/PT Bachelor of Business Entreprenuership S:14/02/2022
(C) BMA-FT/PT:BMA-FT/PT Bachelor of Management Accounting S:14/02/2022
(C) BMM11-FT/PT:BMM11-FT/PT Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management S: 14/02/2022
(C) BAF11-FT/PT:BAF11-Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (new & Returning) S:14/02/2022
(C) BBE11-FTR:BBE11-FT/PT Bachelor of Business Entreprenuership (Returning) S:14/02/2022
(C) BPS11-FT/PT:BPS11-Bachelor of Science in Procurement & Supply S:14/02/2022
(C) BPS11-FT/PTR:BPS11-Bachelor of Science in Procurement & Supply (Returning Students) S:14/02/2022

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