Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies

BBE142-FT:BBE142-Principles of Marketing  (4/4)
(Mon - Fri)
(C) BAHRM12-FT/PT:BAHR12-Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management S:30/08/2021 Mon [16:00-17:00]   (1)
Tue [16:00-17:00]   (1)
Fri [14:00-15:00]...[15:00-16:00]   (2)
(C) BMA12-FT/PT(R):BMA12-Bachelor of Management Accounting Returning S:30/08/2021
(C) BMM12-FT/PT (R):BMM12-FT/PT Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management Returning S:10/08/2020
(C) BBE12-FT/PT (S):BBE12-FT/PT Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship Starters S:30/08/2021
(C) BBA12-FT/PT(S):BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration Starters S:30/08/2021
(R) R123/124:Lecture Theatre Room 123/124 1st Floor New Building
(C) BACC12-FT/PT(R):BACC12-FT/PT Bachelor of Accounting Returning S: 30/08/2021
(L) BL121:Longwe B (Mr)
(C) BBA12-FT/PT (R):BBA12-Bachelor of Business Administration Returning S:30/08/2021

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