Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies

CCNA 2:CCNA 2-Routing and Switching Essentials  (4/4)
(Tue - Wed)
(R) R4GR:Lab Room 4 Tue [10:30-11:30]...[11:30-12:30]   (2)
Wed [14:00-15:00]...[15:00-16:00]   (2)
(L) gm2034:Mwanza G (Mr)
(C) BScITS22-FT/PT:BScITS22-Bacheloar of Science in Internet Technologies and Security S: 30/08/2021
(C) BScBNE22-FT/PT:BScBNE22-Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering S: 30/08/2021
(C) CISCO:CISCO: Cisco Systems S: 30/08/2021

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