Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies

GWMA&MBA-LMP:GWMA&MBA- Managing and Leading People  (2/2)
(C) PDPMgt-PT:PDPMgt-Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management S:30/08/2021 Wed [17:30-18:45]...[18:45-20:10]   (2)
(C) MScPmgt12-FT/PT:MScPmgt12-Masters of Science in Project Management S: 30/08/2021
(L) DrAK:A Kumar (Dr)
(C) MBAGEN J18:MBA (Generic) January 2021 S: 30/08/2021
(C) MBA PT/ODeL:MBA Parttime and Open Distance eLearning S: 30/08/2021
(C) GW-MA/MBAIB:J20:GW-MA/MBAIBJ16: Jan 2020 Starters S:30/08/2021
(C) MBAGEN-PT:MBA (Generic) August 2020 S:30/08/2021
(R) R115/116:Lecture Theatre Room 115/116 1st Floor New Building
(C) GW-MA/MBAIB:A15:GW-MA/MBAIB: July 2021 Starters S:30/08/2021

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